Saturday, August 15, 2009

Why Do I Not Have a Subscription to This Mag Yet?

Click on the cover to read the accompanying article over New Moon. There is an adorable video at the bottom of the article with Kristen Stewart....I was soooo NOT that cool when I was her age, then again, I also wasn't staring in blockbuster movies. Filing insurance claims part time while going to college isn't as cool as being the star of Twilight! Also, if you click on the pic of Bella and Jake below, it will take you to Entertainment Weekly's nine exclusive pics from Kristen and Taylor's photo shoot.

I'm ticked I don't have a subscription to this magazine and plan on remedying that fact today! You KNOW there will be covers and articles galore as the filiming of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn continues. I see it as an investment, if my husband happens to ask why we have a subscription to yet ANOTHER magazine!

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