Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jane, Marcus, Aro, & Caius: A Creepy Look at the Volturi

Marcus (Christopher Heyerdahl)
Jane (Dakota Fanning)
Aro (Michael Sheen)

Caius (Jamie Campbell Power)

Apparently, I'm a dipstick and blogged about Alec's pic being the first of the Volturi. has had pics of the rest of the Volturi gang up all day, and I'm just now catching on! Here are pictures of Marcus (Christopher Heyerdahl), Jane (Dakota Fanning), Aro (Michael Sheen), and Caius (Jamie Campbell Power). The only pic that really bothers me is Dakota's. My hard-headed imagination demands that Jane have brown hair...or is it pale brown in the picture and I'm not seeing it accurately? Complaints aside, the costuming and makeup for New Moon seems to be top-notch, wouldn't you say? Well done, Chris Weitz!

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