Thursday, October 29, 2009

Told Ya....

Speidi's Halloween costume is the "hot" trend I blogged about earlier - none other than Jon and Kate Gosselin from TLC's Jon and Kate + 8. I think Heidi should be in a dressier outfit, and have one a pair of heels or something. Everytime I see a picture of Kate she's dressed up, so the shirt really isn't doing it for me. Spencer doesn't look half bad, but the wig is horrible. Hayli, I'm hoping your take on Jon & Kate is better than ole' Speidi's! Do me proud!

Which is couple is more over-exposed? The couple who is portraying the over-exposed couple or the over-exposed couple themselves? Hmmmm....

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hot Halloween Costume of 2009? Kate Gosselin!

That's right! The mother of 8 is the hottest Halloween costume of 2009, and her wig (pictured above) is selling out for $14.99 a do' on! My sister is going to be Kate for Halloween and is going to make her hubby dress up like that douche bag, Jon. I can't wait to see the pictures from that pairing! Us Magazine on-line also created a hilarious photo album of stars sporting Gosselin's famous coif. Click on Angelina below for a direct link to the album. This photo of Jolie proves that the woman is truly gorgeous, even with that HIDEOUS hairstyle!

Can You Guess Which Movie Had a Fatter Budget???

Take a gander at the newly released New Moon Cullen's poster....

Now, compare the poster to the Cullen's Twilight promotional photo.....
I'm guessing that Twilight is considered "minor league" and New Moon is about to be ranked in the "big leagues" of cinematic production. I don't want to blame the mediocre look of Twilight on budget alone. Many of the cast and crew that worked on both films have praised Weitz for his professionalism, organization, efficiency and vision. Catherine Hardwick, on the other hand, has been called a "mess" by some sources when it comes to her directorial style. Just from viewing her commentary on the DVD extras in Twilight, I can see her as being a "free spirit" and a bit scatterbrained, but that's just the impression I got from her clips and reading her Director's Notebook she wrote after the release of Twilight. I hope I'm not pubbing Chris Weitz up and then setting myself up for disappointment after November 20th! Chris, I hope you do New Moon fans proud and knock our socks off!!! I am eagerly awaiting the release of New Moon, because of YOU...I'm hoping that what was my least favorite book in the series will be my favorite movie.

(thanks to for links to the posters!)

Office Fridge Notes

For those of you who share a community fridge at work, many of these notes might hit home! I could relate to SEVERAL of the notes, and found myself laughing at a few of the witty messages. I love how some people bring God and Jesus into their office funny! It is surprising how many people will eat things that are not theirs! I have a coffee cream thief in my building so I go to great lengths to hide my Hazelnut creamer each morning...maybe the note with Jesus and a Bible verse would do the trick? Thanks, Dana for this email. It made my day!
That's just wrong.
This person is willing to poison themselves for justice...
I love smart asses! I think I would fit right in here!

There's lots of spitting going on around here...
Ick. Just eat the whole darn piece.
I think the marker on the bread is a nice touch.
Aren't Starbucks Frappacino bars worth sinning over, though?
What's with the half-eaten pizza?
I think Peter is picked on a lot in this office.
Poor Peter.
OCD people crack me up, too.
Either there is a mouse loose, or a wisecracker in the office.
Ha! I really think Jesus does have a sense of humor.
This person didn't see you. Nice threat, though.
Hot Pockets are like edible bars of gold.
This person needs their caffeine. Thanks a HELL of a lot!
Love the addition in red.
Investing and refrigeration go hand in hand.
Neat freak.
Read the sticky note. Love it.
Horrible penmanship for a threat.
Baby Ruth does apply to all of the commandments, right? "Thou shalt not steal...Baby Ruths!" Moses just forgot the last part, I guess.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Could I Be a Tad Pathetic for Watching This OVER and OVER?

I probably shouldn't admit that I like to watch Robert Pattinson locking lips repeatedly with Kristen, but he's just so darn good at it. Not necessarily Robert Pattinson, per se, but just him playing Edward. Ole' Rob is a little too rough around the edges for me in real life. Now Edward, on the other hand, is perfectly acceptable. I love how he looks like he wants to eat Kristen's face. It's awesome. Even though some of Kristen's acting methods annoy me (she does a lot of uncomfortable gasping...sorry, Kristen fans, but it bothers me), I think Robert has EC down pat. Do you remember reading this part of New Moon, and Bella describes his kiss as crushing, yet sad? This might be the scene...their last kiss...for a while, at least!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Disney Remaking Rapunzel...My Daughters Will Be Pumped About This!

I have to admit that I love Disney movies. My kids are a great excuse to watch them and an even better excuse to sit in the theater with my dorky 3-D glasses on for some of their films! I'm so excited to hear about Disney's upcoming project, Rapunzel. Something about all of that long, lustrous hair is fascinating to little girls. I remember wanting to grow my hair "down to the floor", but never quite getting it past my shoulder blades! My daughters are equally fascinated with Rapunzel and her flowing locks. We have the crappy Barbie DVD version of the movie (you know, the DVDs with the horrible computer animation...the Barbies on those DVDs look like cyborgs or something). You can't beat Disney animation, and from the looks of the images that have been released of the film thus far, Rapunzel is sure to be a girly-girl's dream come true!

Test Your Vampire IQ!

Just because I'm a Twilight and True Blood fan, doesn't mean I know everything about vampires. I scored an 11 out of 26 on Entertainment Weekly's Vampire Trivia Quiz. Lucky for me, I have read Bram Stoker's Dracula and Anne Rice's Interview With a Vampire. The other vampire-based questions were way beyond my realm of interest! If you think you have the skills, see if you can beat my score! Click on the picture of Bill and Sookie for a direct link to the quiz. Ooooh, Sooooookie!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Best Drugstore Shampoos

Total Beauty website ranked the top 20 drugstore shampoos, and with our economy in the pinch that it's in, it would never hurt to check out a cheaper (and possibly better) alternative to your current favorite. Click on the picture for a link to Total Beauty and scroll through the twenty best buys!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Annie Barrett is Milk-Through-The-Nose-Funny!

Obviously, I scour the Entertainment Weekly website and share my favorite news and tidbits from the site on my blog. Annie Barrett is a columnist for EW and I look forward to her "Sound Bites" posts, in which she comments on the week's most memorable TV lines. Click on the link for this week's commentary. She is dry and sarcastic, which is my perfect brand of humor...I just can't pull it off as effectively and she can!

Brief But Sweet New Moon Clip!

It seems silly for me to say this, but Rob and Kristen look so comfortable together in this makes me wonder how "comfortable" they are with each other in real life. You can't fake chemistry. Watch Mr. & Mrs. Smith and then ask Brad and Angelina if they were faking that spark during filming. Just sayin'.

Shocker *Insert Eye Roll Here*, Balloon Mom Says It Was a Hoax!

I said it from jump street that this little media frenzy was a hoax. What kind of parent tells their children to LIE to authorities? There's no telling what twisted stuff is going on in this household...

By DAN ELLIOTT, Associated Press Writer Dan Elliott, Associated Press Writer – Fri Oct 23, 6:49 pm ET
DENVER – The mother of the 6-year-old boy once feared missing inside a runaway helium balloon admitted the whole saga was a hoax, according to court documents released Friday.
Mayumi Heene told sheriff's deputies that she and her husband Richard "knew all along that Falcon was hiding in the residence" in Fort Collins, according to an affidavit used to get a search warrant for the home.
She allegedly told investigators the incident was a hoax meant to make them more marketable to the media.
"Mayumi described that she and Richard Heene devised this hoax approximately two weeks earlier.... She and Richard had instructed their three children to lie to authorities as well as the media regarding this hoax," the affidavit said.
Richard Heene has denied a hoax. His lawyer, David Lane, said Friday he is waiting to see the evidence in the case.
"Allegations are cheap," Lane said.
Mayumi Heene's lawyer, Lee Christian, was traveling and didn't immediately respond to messages left with his office.
Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden has said he will recommend charges against the Heenes including conspiracy, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, making a false report to authorities, and attempting to influence a public servant. The most serious charges are felonies and carry a maximum sentence of six years in prison.
Alderden said authorities also would be seeking restitution for the costs of the balloon chase, though he didn't provide a figure.
His office has said it will likely be next week before it forwards its findings to prosecutors to decide on charges.
In frantic calls to a TV station, 911 and federal aviation officials, the Heenes reported that they feared Falcon was in the homemade, saucer-like balloon when it was accidentally launched from their back yard last week.
Millions watched as media and National Guard helicopters tracked the balloon across the Colorado plains. It landed in a dusty farm field, where ground crews looked inside but found no sign of the boy.
Later, the relieved-looking couple reported Falcon had been hiding in their garage the whole time. But suspicion heated up when Falcon made a comment on CNN that sounded like "You had said we did this for a show."
Sheriff's deputies questioned the parents separately on Oct. 17, two days after the flight. Mayumi Heene told authorities "she and Richard Heene had lied to authorities on October 15, 2009 (the day of the flight)," the affidavit said.
She told investigators "that the release of the flying saucer was intentional as a hoax.... The motive for the fabricated story was to make the Heene family more marketable for future media interest," the affidavit said.
The Heenes twice had appeared on ABC's reality show "Wife Swap," and acquaintances said Richard Heene had plans for other possible shows.
The producer of "Wife Swap" had a show in development with the Heenes but said the deal is now off. The TLC cable network also said Heene had pitched a reality show months ago, but it passed on the offer.
Sheriff's officials declined to comment Friday.
Among the items taken by authorities during the home search Saturday were video cameras, computers, hard drives, a picture of a flying saucer, receipts, papers, a phone/address book and a flight itinerary. The list didn't identify the passenger, destination or date of travel.
Associated Press Staff Writer Kathy Packer contributed to this report from Fort Collins.

Friday, October 23, 2009

A New Look for Barbie...

The Chicago Sun Times reports on Mattel's release of an "updated" African American Barbie. I wish they would "update" the white Barbie and make her a bit more realistic as well. Could Barbie have some freckles or a nose that doesn't look like a plastic surgeon's handiwork? I LOVE Barbie and grew up playing with her, but it wouldn't hurt to change up her facial features just a bit. Check out the changes in the African American Barbie and see if you think it is an improvement compared to the former AA Barbie in the split screen picture at the bottom of the article. You can see the changes when they are put next to one another.

Mattel on Tuesday launched its first series of black dolls featuring varying skin tones and ethnically authentic looks, with a big sister portrayed as a role model to a little sister.
Mattel describes the dolls as having "fuller lips, a wider nose, more distinctive cheek bones and curlier hair" than their predecessors.
The new Barbies have fuller lips, wider nose, more distinctive cheek bones and curlier hair than the old dolls.
The "So In Style" line includes three sets of sisters: Older sister Grace with younger sister Courtney; Trishelle and Janessa, and Kara and Kianna. Each character has a distinct personality: Grace's style is "girly girl," Trishelle is "smart and sassy," and Kara is "funky and fun," according to Mattel.
The big-and-little sister dolls together cost $19.99; the little doll assortment is $7.99, and the Stylin' Hair doll assortment costs $24.99.
Mattel's design of new dolls isn't child's play. Stacey McBride-Irby, a Barbie designer for 12 years who lives in Gardena, Calif., came up with the line because she wanted authentic and inspirational dolls for her 8- and 6-year-old daughters.
Mattel employs 25 "hair and face designers," including two licensed cosmetologists, according to an article in Allure magazine marking Barbie's 50th birthday this year. The magic still works, since "Holiday Barbie" is on retailers' lists of popular toys for this coming holiday season.
Barbie has had ethnically diverse "friends," both male and female, for many years, including the late 1960s-era Brad, Ken's friend, and the "Nurse Julia" doll depicting the TV character played by Diahann Carroll.
Yet the mentoring role of the older "So In Style" sister is "a way of letting girls see that they can take on a positive leadership role," said Reyne Rice, toy trend specialist for the Toy Industry Association.
"Girls age 14 can mentor girls who are 6 by teaching positive values and what it takes to get along in the world," Rice said.

Another Reason I Like Glee...

The "Thong Song"...seriously.

Suzanne Collins Discusses The Hunger Games Movie

Around minute 3:30, Suzanne Collins discusses The Hunger Games movie in a recent interview with Borders bookstores. Why in the heck is there NO INFORMATION about the movie out there? Lionsgate, get off your tail and put a press release out or SOMETHING for us fans who are going insane trying to figure out if this movie is ever going to happen. Release a cast name...give us ANYTHING! I love when Collins discusses "cracking the world open" in The Hunger Games movie. Taking the story to the audience and going outside of Katniss's point of view sounds like it will give the film a dimension that the book didn't have. I want to see Gale and Prim's reactions to Katniss's trials and tribulations within the arena. I love her vision for the film and hope she sticks with her role of being the screen writer!

GLEE on the Cover of Entertainment Weekly!

I KNEW investing in a subscription to EW would pay-off tenfold, and it has! My favorite new show is gracing the cover this week, with promising interviews with cast and interesting tidbits from the set. Click on the cover for a link to an EW behind-the-scenes video that makes me love the cast even more than I already do:

Eclipse Official Graphic

Very bold and not as "earthy" as the New Moon graphics. I wonder what the tonality of the film will be in comparison to the gold and warm-toned New Moon? I'm hoping Eclipse is sharp and bright...very in-your-face type of visuals.

David Slade is a Twitter Tease...

I have a Twitter account and I'm an avid follower of Eclipse director, David Slade. He's kept fans updated on the movie's progress throughout filming, and will even post random pictures and hints about what portion of the book he's shooting or working on. He tweeted this nugget of info today, and I'm SO EAGER to see the images from this production:

Pick Up a Paper This Weekend...

and you can feast your eyes on THIS:

I'm pretty sure that the USA Weekend is an insert in our Sunday paper, but it may be a different story in your area. Double check. The picture alone is worth the search...

More New Pictures From the New Moon Set...

Entertainment Weekly has added more pictures from the set of New Moon to its growing album. Click on my favorite new picture (posted above) for a direct link to the compilation. I love the hands of Mike and Jacob on the arm rest, waiting for Bella to choose. Again, Weitz is being sure to stay true to the book in this scene...LOVE IT!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Edward and Bella's Leaked Break-Up Scene...OMG!

I'm such a fan of this director! Chris Weitz, you rock. This was exactly like the book and I hope the rest of the film is this spot-on!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Brand New Footage of New Moon!

Check out the 30 second teaser that Access Hollywood released!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Entertainment Tonight - New Moon Clip!

I'm becoming a Jacob fan more and more each day! I'm pretty sure Bella's hand would be shattered if she punched Paul, but maybe they address that later on in the clip!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Balloon Boy's Music Video...WHHAAATTT???

Lots of great parenting going on in the Heene household. Watch this video that was put on You Tube soon after the airing of their episode on Wife Swap. Rumor has it that the DAD made this and posted it...WHATTT??? A fan added the "p" word introduction, but the rest is dear old Dad. Be careful where you play this...a bit of bad language written in the opening.

Review of Breaking Dawn That Had Me ROLLING!

I'm not sure if you've ever checked out the blog Lainey Gossip. It is written and maintained by a fabulously witty and sarcastic chick who covers all things entertainment. For some reason today, I was perusing her book reviews and came across her take on Breaking Dawn. Her review was not what one would call "positive" and made many valid points that had me laughing out loud because I know Lainey is right about a few of the plot threads that don't add up.
Everyone who regularly reads this blog knows how I feel about the Twilight Saga. I love it and always will, so don't read this review and think that I'm a hypocrite. The part of Lainey's review that had me rolling was also the part that made me feel a bit guilty and made me realize why I've always identified with Bella so much. If you will read the part about her annoyance with Bella's lack of self-esteem, you will see what I mean.
**Let me address this part of my ramblings to Lainey, writer of the review that has me blabbing: Insecurity isn't a noble trait for a literary character to have...however, most of us gals ARE insecure, Lainey, and that is why we love that the plain girl (who is really beautiful but doesn't know it) is desired by two exceedingly HOT supernatural creatures. It may seem hokey and pathetic, but who wouldn't want to be Bella? Maybe if you are mega-pretty in real life and have hot boys fighting for your attention, Bella's conflict might seem boring and pathetic.
I am married with two children, and let's face it, I'm pushing 30. Last I checked (and I check often) there were no hot guys beating down my door for my affection, Lainey! Reading about the stone-cold-fox that is Edward and hot-as-a-pistol Jacob grabs my interest. Isn't that why we read FICTION, or at least why I read fiction, is to get lost in another character's life and to BE that person for just a little while? You are one funny chick, but ease up on ole' Stephenie Meyer, Lainey. She's done pretty well for an insecure gal!
Read Lainey's review, and let me know what you think. Remember, acknowledging the literary weaknesses in the Twilight Series doesn't make you a bad fan...just a fan who knows that Bella's perfect world might be TOO PERFECT for realist(*cough*cough* PESSIMIST), but it is nirvana for us Twilight junkies! (Click on the Breaking Dawn cover for a link to the review.)

Butt-Load of New Moon Pictures!

Click on the pic above to view 72 New Moon trading cards on Great pictures, and views of scenes not available for viewing in any of the trailers. I'm so ready for this movie to be in theaters...have I mentioned that before? ;)

Nurture Shock by Po Bronson, Ashley Merryman

As a teacher and a parent, I see the urge to over indulge your child and to make them the "king" of your castle. In the book Nurture Shock by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman, new research suggests that telling your child they are the very best at everything might hurt them more than help them. Among other nuggets of parenting wisdom, Bronson and Merryman explore common trends in early childhood intelligence identification (labeling a child "gifted" at five, might be wayyyy too soon) and explain (through their thorough research) novel outlooks on a child's mind. The book made me feel like I wasn't such a sucky parent for not praising my child for everything great they do. My sister recently overheard a parent at the park overly praising their child for how well they were swinging. Seriously. Like saying "Excellent" and "Great Job" for her kid pumping their feet back and forth. Seriously.
Instead of praising your kid for taking a good poo-poo, try to encourage the PROCESS of how they achieved their success. (I'm so impressed you worked so hard on that poo-poo! Ha, ha...okay, I will stop!) Instead of saying "you are such a smart girl", I should be saying, "I love how hard you worked to make that good grade'. The book comes at a time when so much is expected of children intellectually at very early ages. This book is a wake-up call to parents and teachers alike, that sometimes, our expectations can be too high and the need to label our kids "smart" at an early age can result in just the opposite. Nurture Shock is a must-read for new parents, and any other delusional 'rentals you think might need a smack in the face..."no, lady, your kid is not that flippin' great!"

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Oprah Compliments Taylor's Handeling of Kanye Encounter

"Sweet Caroline" on Glee Next Week!

Next week's episode will feature the Neil Diamond favorite, "Sweet Caroline". Loving it!

Eclipse: On-set Pics

This is supposedly AFTER Riley is turned into a vampire by Victoria. Looks like it was a gruesome turn for ole' Riley!
Bella visiting Rene in Florida. Itchy wig...hate the wig!

Forks High School Charlie!
Does anyone else find the wig horrific?

You may have already seen some of these pictures, but if you are like me, it never gets old to look at them! I do have a problem with Kristen Stewart's wig. It's bad. Very bad. I itch just looking at it. You would think she would've worn a wig for the Joan Jett movie and not cut her hair because of her Twilight Saga films she knew were coming up...maybe that is her way of flexing her artistic muscle by showing everyone these films are not her priority? Who knows. I'm not an actress, so I will never understand the need for actors to bite the hand that feeds them. So many actors who find mega-success with a certain character feel the need to do that, and I shake my head at them. Now, as I step off of my soap box, feel free to ignore the rant above and focus on the sheer joy that Eclipse pictures can bring you...just knowing they are filming it makes me happy!