Monday, October 26, 2009

Disney Remaking Rapunzel...My Daughters Will Be Pumped About This!

I have to admit that I love Disney movies. My kids are a great excuse to watch them and an even better excuse to sit in the theater with my dorky 3-D glasses on for some of their films! I'm so excited to hear about Disney's upcoming project, Rapunzel. Something about all of that long, lustrous hair is fascinating to little girls. I remember wanting to grow my hair "down to the floor", but never quite getting it past my shoulder blades! My daughters are equally fascinated with Rapunzel and her flowing locks. We have the crappy Barbie DVD version of the movie (you know, the DVDs with the horrible computer animation...the Barbies on those DVDs look like cyborgs or something). You can't beat Disney animation, and from the looks of the images that have been released of the film thus far, Rapunzel is sure to be a girly-girl's dream come true!

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