Saturday, October 10, 2009

New Hunger Games T-Shirts @

I'm no marketing genius, but most people trying to sell a shirt wouldn't have the model's hair covering up the design now, would they? The design, "Coal Miner's Daughter" is easier to see below:

I guess I'm partial to Peeta after reading Catching Fire. I thought I would be more in favor of Gale, just because he's a brooding, athletic hot guy, and that's what has always been my type, but Peeta is now my honey bunny. If you kill him in the third book, Suzanne Collins, I will...I might...I'm not sure what I'll do, but it won't be good! (Laying in the fetal position, sucking my thumb while boo-hooing is NOT a good thing!)
This one is my favorite. Nothing like a yummy "Peeta" pocket! (Get it, PITA?) Ha!

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  1. They are awesome!! There are also some original Hunger Games designs here as well -
    You can get shirts, hoodies and stickers! EEEEE!