Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Could I Be a Tad Pathetic for Watching This OVER and OVER?

I probably shouldn't admit that I like to watch Robert Pattinson locking lips repeatedly with Kristen, but he's just so darn good at it. Not necessarily Robert Pattinson, per se, but just him playing Edward. Ole' Rob is a little too rough around the edges for me in real life. Now Edward, on the other hand, is perfectly acceptable. I love how he looks like he wants to eat Kristen's face. It's awesome. Even though some of Kristen's acting methods annoy me (she does a lot of uncomfortable gasping...sorry, Kristen fans, but it bothers me), I think Robert has EC down pat. Do you remember reading this part of New Moon, and Bella describes his kiss as crushing, yet sad? This might be the scene...their last kiss...for a while, at least!


  1. Oh my goodness-Every single time I try to watch something from 'New Moon' that you post, it's been removed! I'm just not quick enough! Once again, looks like I'm waiting until the Midnight Premiere to see all of these clips you've been posting!

  2. ARgh! And it was GOOD, too! So much for watching it over and over....I need the movie to get here already!