Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Can You Guess Which Movie Had a Fatter Budget???

Take a gander at the newly released New Moon Cullen's poster....

Now, compare the poster to the Cullen's Twilight promotional photo.....
I'm guessing that Twilight is considered "minor league" and New Moon is about to be ranked in the "big leagues" of cinematic production. I don't want to blame the mediocre look of Twilight on budget alone. Many of the cast and crew that worked on both films have praised Weitz for his professionalism, organization, efficiency and vision. Catherine Hardwick, on the other hand, has been called a "mess" by some sources when it comes to her directorial style. Just from viewing her commentary on the DVD extras in Twilight, I can see her as being a "free spirit" and a bit scatterbrained, but that's just the impression I got from her clips and reading her Director's Notebook she wrote after the release of Twilight. I hope I'm not pubbing Chris Weitz up and then setting myself up for disappointment after November 20th! Chris, I hope you do New Moon fans proud and knock our socks off!!! I am eagerly awaiting the release of New Moon, because of YOU...I'm hoping that what was my least favorite book in the series will be my favorite movie.

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