Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Office Fridge Notes

For those of you who share a community fridge at work, many of these notes might hit home! I could relate to SEVERAL of the notes, and found myself laughing at a few of the witty messages. I love how some people bring God and Jesus into their office funny! It is surprising how many people will eat things that are not theirs! I have a coffee cream thief in my building so I go to great lengths to hide my Hazelnut creamer each morning...maybe the note with Jesus and a Bible verse would do the trick? Thanks, Dana for this email. It made my day!
That's just wrong.
This person is willing to poison themselves for justice...
I love smart asses! I think I would fit right in here!

There's lots of spitting going on around here...
Ick. Just eat the whole darn piece.
I think the marker on the bread is a nice touch.
Aren't Starbucks Frappacino bars worth sinning over, though?
What's with the half-eaten pizza?
I think Peter is picked on a lot in this office.
Poor Peter.
OCD people crack me up, too.
Either there is a mouse loose, or a wisecracker in the office.
Ha! I really think Jesus does have a sense of humor.
This person didn't see you. Nice threat, though.
Hot Pockets are like edible bars of gold.
This person needs their caffeine. Thanks a HELL of a lot!
Love the addition in red.
Investing and refrigeration go hand in hand.
Neat freak.
Read the sticky note. Love it.
Horrible penmanship for a threat.
Baby Ruth does apply to all of the commandments, right? "Thou shalt not steal...Baby Ruths!" Moses just forgot the last part, I guess.

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