Saturday, October 17, 2009

Eclipse: On-set Pics

This is supposedly AFTER Riley is turned into a vampire by Victoria. Looks like it was a gruesome turn for ole' Riley!
Bella visiting Rene in Florida. Itchy wig...hate the wig!

Forks High School Charlie!
Does anyone else find the wig horrific?

You may have already seen some of these pictures, but if you are like me, it never gets old to look at them! I do have a problem with Kristen Stewart's wig. It's bad. Very bad. I itch just looking at it. You would think she would've worn a wig for the Joan Jett movie and not cut her hair because of her Twilight Saga films she knew were coming up...maybe that is her way of flexing her artistic muscle by showing everyone these films are not her priority? Who knows. I'm not an actress, so I will never understand the need for actors to bite the hand that feeds them. So many actors who find mega-success with a certain character feel the need to do that, and I shake my head at them. Now, as I step off of my soap box, feel free to ignore the rant above and focus on the sheer joy that Eclipse pictures can bring you...just knowing they are filming it makes me happy!

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