Friday, October 23, 2009

Suzanne Collins Discusses The Hunger Games Movie

Around minute 3:30, Suzanne Collins discusses The Hunger Games movie in a recent interview with Borders bookstores. Why in the heck is there NO INFORMATION about the movie out there? Lionsgate, get off your tail and put a press release out or SOMETHING for us fans who are going insane trying to figure out if this movie is ever going to happen. Release a cast name...give us ANYTHING! I love when Collins discusses "cracking the world open" in The Hunger Games movie. Taking the story to the audience and going outside of Katniss's point of view sounds like it will give the film a dimension that the book didn't have. I want to see Gale and Prim's reactions to Katniss's trials and tribulations within the arena. I love her vision for the film and hope she sticks with her role of being the screen writer!


  1. Really Cool that you found this The Hunger Games is SUCH a good book

  2. Totally agree, Eric! I teach the book and I'm very ready for the movie, but can't find any new information.

  3. the movie wont be as good as the book. what they really need are some unknown good actors, not crap ones like robert pattinson. i love peeta. he is perfect for katniss. cant wait for the thrid book, called mockingjay, personnaly, i like The Victors better, but hey, its not my decision.