Saturday, October 3, 2009

Emily in New Moon, Scars and All

Remember Sam's girlfriend, Emily, in New Moon? You know, the chick with the huge scars running down the length of her face due to Sam going postal during a wolf-phase? This is a pic of the actress, Tinsel Korey in full makeup, who plays Emily in New Moon. I hate that I am so picky about the character representations from books, but I thought the scars should be wider and more a huge wolf paw raked down the length of her face or something. I pictured scars that were at least a centimeter wide and scarred the side of her mouth in a way that it would be a "permanent scowl", just like Stephenie Meyer described her scars to look in the book. thinks the makeup for Korey is awesome, but I'm not too satisfied. Why can't the movie makers read my mind and get it right??? LOL!

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