Sunday, October 18, 2009

Review of Breaking Dawn That Had Me ROLLING!

I'm not sure if you've ever checked out the blog Lainey Gossip. It is written and maintained by a fabulously witty and sarcastic chick who covers all things entertainment. For some reason today, I was perusing her book reviews and came across her take on Breaking Dawn. Her review was not what one would call "positive" and made many valid points that had me laughing out loud because I know Lainey is right about a few of the plot threads that don't add up.
Everyone who regularly reads this blog knows how I feel about the Twilight Saga. I love it and always will, so don't read this review and think that I'm a hypocrite. The part of Lainey's review that had me rolling was also the part that made me feel a bit guilty and made me realize why I've always identified with Bella so much. If you will read the part about her annoyance with Bella's lack of self-esteem, you will see what I mean.
**Let me address this part of my ramblings to Lainey, writer of the review that has me blabbing: Insecurity isn't a noble trait for a literary character to have...however, most of us gals ARE insecure, Lainey, and that is why we love that the plain girl (who is really beautiful but doesn't know it) is desired by two exceedingly HOT supernatural creatures. It may seem hokey and pathetic, but who wouldn't want to be Bella? Maybe if you are mega-pretty in real life and have hot boys fighting for your attention, Bella's conflict might seem boring and pathetic.
I am married with two children, and let's face it, I'm pushing 30. Last I checked (and I check often) there were no hot guys beating down my door for my affection, Lainey! Reading about the stone-cold-fox that is Edward and hot-as-a-pistol Jacob grabs my interest. Isn't that why we read FICTION, or at least why I read fiction, is to get lost in another character's life and to BE that person for just a little while? You are one funny chick, but ease up on ole' Stephenie Meyer, Lainey. She's done pretty well for an insecure gal!
Read Lainey's review, and let me know what you think. Remember, acknowledging the literary weaknesses in the Twilight Series doesn't make you a bad fan...just a fan who knows that Bella's perfect world might be TOO PERFECT for realist(*cough*cough* PESSIMIST), but it is nirvana for us Twilight junkies! (Click on the Breaking Dawn cover for a link to the review.)

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