Thursday, August 27, 2009

Negative Review of Catching Fire...WHAAAAT?

I've been google surfing reviews for Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins ever since the ARCs were released. This is the first negative review I have found for the sequel to The Hunger Games. So those of you who are eagerly awaiting this release (only five days away), let's hope we can agree to disagree with Jennifer Reese of Entertainment Weekly! She gives Catching Fire a "C", which isn't what this teacher would consider a good grade. I also hate the fact that she compares the book to Twilight. Even though Stephenie Meyer recommended the first novel in the series to her readers, The Hunger Games (and I'm guess Catching Fire) do not have vampires or any other similarities to Twilight. I love Twilight, but why do so many YA reviewers have to mention the book in every critique? Katniss is not Bella, and Katniss's "man troubles" are not going to be at all similar to Edward's main squeeze. (I also admit that I've mentioned Twilight a time or two in reviews, but at least VAMPIRES are involved in the novel I'm comparing it to...Collins's only connection to vampires is through Meyer's recommendation.) To read the full review click on the picture below:

If you have time, check out the comments below the review. Not many of the readers agree with Ms. Reeves, and I hope that in five more long days I will be able to disagree with her!

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