Thursday, August 27, 2009

What is Your "True Color"?

I love personality quizzes, but this one seems to be a national phenomenon. We even had to take a "True Colors" test this year during staff development. Many companies are having their workers follow suit and receive "True Color" training. Apparently knowing what type of personality (Blue, Gold, Green, or Orange) you are working with will give you insight on how to best get along with that person. My students took the short, on-line version of the "True Color" quiz, and not only was it fun for them, but it will also help me identify what type of books might match their color. For example, Blue personalities are typically emotional, so books that are tear-jerkers might be right up their ally! If you want to know more about your personality color, go to Just in case you are wondering, I am an ORANGE personality and I married a GOLD, which can result in fights galore...or great excuses to make up!

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