Friday, August 7, 2009

Envy by Anna Godbersen

I finished the third book in the Luxe series yesterday, titled Envy, and I am so upset that the fourth, Splendor, will not be out until October! Godbersen has kept the quality of her writing and has stayed true to her characters with each installment in the series. This third book opened new doors for the rich society girls, and tragically closed many more! I do not want to give away any part of the third in case you are wanting to read the first two, but Envy kept my interest and had me wanting more up until the very end. I wonder if Splendor will be the last in the series and finally tell me what the future holds for the Holland sisters and the delightfully cunning and vindictive Penelope Hayes. Heart throb Henry Schoonmaker is starting to tick me off with his ability to muck up everything he has with Diana Holland, but I'm hoping he will redeem himself in the fourth installment. For those of you who love series like Gossip Girls, The Hills, and One Tree Hill, this series is for you! Although the setting is 1899, one thing remains the same, teen girls will always be back-stabbing gossip queens!

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