Monday, August 10, 2009

What is Wrong With These Women?

Kate Major, a journalist with obviously low self-esteem, is upset that Jon Gosselin is denying their romantic liasons. I would like to pose a question to my readers: Why would anyone want to have any sort of "liaison" with this ra-tard? Maybe I'm picky, but what is it about a dude who is forty pounds over weight, sporting a "I'm going through a mid-life crisis earring," and has been dubbed "octo-dad" by the media, is considered to be a hot commodity in the dating world? Why oh, why are these women dating the dipstick? I just look at him and shudder. And as for Kate Gosselin, quit crying over this loser. You are wayyyyyy too hot for him and these bar fly hoochies are much more deserving of his charm. Bleck!

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