Monday, August 10, 2009

Less Than a Month Away!

It's no secret that I am a Texas Tech Red Raider fan, but I precursor this claim by saying that I think Michael Crabtree is being a big ole' idiot. Michael, take a deal, any deal offered by the Niners and look pretty on the sidelines for us next year, okay? I'm not your cousin, but I do have your best interests at heart!

Back to the lecture at hand, I need my Tech fans to listen up! Although my other challenges have been boo-ed and dismissed, I would like to pose one more for posing sake: LEARN THE TECH FIGHT SONG. Reading it on the monitor during the game does not count. Learn it without having the lyrics posted for you. I had to learn it when I was a freshman, and I'm not sure why others did not, but if you are a true-blue fan, you will rise to the challenge and learn the lyrics! You do not want to look like these idiots:

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