Saturday, August 15, 2009

Entertainment Weekly Subscription Deal!

So I recently blogged about not having a subscription to Entertainment Weekly and wanting one, and since all I have to do to get what I want is pout to my husband, I subscribed today! Keep in mind, I'm giving up mani-pedis in the near future for this, but I think it will be so worth it. (I can scrub and paint my own dang toes, right!?)
I was so pleased to discover that if you pay for your subscription on-line, you receive a free "retro t-shirt" as a gift. By "retro" they mean 80's and 90's television/movies. There were several choices of tees, such as Sixteen Candles tee (I Heart Jake Ryan), the A-Team tee, Mr. Rogers tee, Magnum P.I. tee, and the tee I chose, Saved By the Bell (Bayside Tigers). I desperately wanted to be Kelly Kapowski and date Zach Morris, so the choice seemed appropriate.
I'm also justifying my purchase by the fact that Entertainment Weekly has reviews for not just movies and television, but for books, too. The books they review don't seem to be as boring and stale as the reviews at People Magazine. Lately, I think those reviewers are just trying to show off how smart they all are and how mainstream books are so beneath them and do not live up to their high standards of literary quality. If a book is boring, then I'm claiming it sucks in my critical opinion, so reading about a fictional characters struggles in war-torn Bosnia are not something I'm going to spend twenty bucks on just so I can look "smart" reading in the airport or wherever. Bring on the teen lit and such!


  1. i'm jealous. i would love a saved by the bell shirt

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