Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Eric Beats Edward!

Those of you who have read The Sookie Stackhouse Series novels by Charlaine Harrison, and who have hopped on the True Blood (HBO) fan-wagon will be pleased to know that vampire Eric actually beat out Edward Cullen in something. Entertainment Weekly's Vampire Issue (August 7th, 2009) ranked the "Hottest New Vampires" and big boy Eric beat out Cullen by a small margin!

However, Edward fans, don't think Mr. Cullen didn't get his deserved respect - he out ranked both Bill and Eric in the overall poll, "20 Greatest Vampires". Click on Eric to see the list of the full 20 vamps. I was shocked to see Zoey Redbird from The House of Night Series and Schuyler Van Alen from The Blue Bloods making the top twenty list! I love both heroines in those series...yay for teen vampires!

You might also find interviews with vampire genre authors interesting as well. All four authors of the series I mentioned are in the magazine, and giving away details of how they created their series. Very interesting to find out that Stephenie Meyer was embarassed to show her hubby the first manuscript of Twilight because it was about vamps! I'm sure he has nothing against vampires today...the man will probably never have to work another day in his life because of Edward Cullen! Click on the magazine cover below to read the author interviews:

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