Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Can Read Lauren Conrad's Mind

If you follow The Hills on MTV, you know that Lauren Conrad is a fashion icon. Really, she is. Move over Versace, Dolce & Gabbana - this chick is the next big thing in the fashion world! She's sort of a prodigy, some say. Sort of. So it saddens me to divulge that L.C. "is taking a hiatus, but the line still exists and will continue," her rep tells Us Weekly Magazine. "The sales of her line in the first year doubled what was projected. However, in light of the economy, it's a good time for Lauren to take a few seasons off to re-work her still budding line."
Wow. How considerate. The economy thanks you, Lauren. I think I can translate that statement for those of us who can't read Lauren's mind, like I can: "Like, I'm sooooo tired of having to go to like, a real job. It's soooooo not fun. I think I'm just going to shop all day, and like go to clubs, and just like chill, you know?" Economy my ass. Pffffftttttt!!!!!

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