Monday, March 23, 2009

Kid on a Leash...

I will be the first to admit that my kids (both under the age of five) are total turds when I take them out in public. It's like they know I won't do bodily harm to them around other people...way to go, CPS! ;) Anywhoo, I was shopping with my hyper-active kids at the grocery store this weekend and we saw a child wearing one of these:
I know the purpose of them and everything, but it was so sad to see it in person! Even my girls were like, "Mommy, why's that kid wearin' a rope?" It totally resembled a leash that we use to walk our dogs, but disguised as a friendly, furry "backpack". The backpack aspect of the product did not, in anyway, down play the "rope" trailing from the little one's back that was TIED TO HIS MOTHER'S CART! I didn't know whether to pat the child on the head as we passed by, or toss him a cookie!

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