Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mother's Day...Need a Gift Idea?

If your mom is a Twilight addict like mine, she might like a bracelet from (Or you can drop a hint to your hubby that you need one, too. I find ordering it for myself and then later telling my husband that I bought my own Mother's Day gift works as well!) I ordered it for myself last year, and the quality is amazing! Real silver, Swarvoski crystals, and copper for the wolf. If you've read Eclipse, you know the symbolism and significance of the wolf pendant and the "crystal" heart. I'm attaching a few pics of my personal bracelet so you can see the un-photo shopped pics and gage the quality for yourself. I like, no, LOVE my Bella Bracelet!

Quote from the site:

Now is your chance to show how you really feel about Edward or Jacob. Inspired by the best selling book series, “Twilight” by Stephenie Meyer, My Bella Bracelet is patterned after Bella’s description of the bracelet. Now available in two versions:
“My Bella Bracelet Original” Features a vintage, twisted-rope, sterling silver chain that is available in three sizes. On one side a Genuine Swarovski Crystal represents the beautiful cold and hard Edward. On the other side a "custom cast" copper wolf charm represents the wild side of Jacob.
“My Bella Bracelet Deluxe” In addition to the charms of the Original, this Bracelet has three gems garnishing the rim. The Topaz represents Edwards eye’s after he hunts while the Black Onyx represents his eyes before he hunts. The Russett Crystal represents the color of Jacob when he is in his wolf form.

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