Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kissed by an Angel by Elizabeth Chandler

I bought this book, Kissed by an Angel at Barnes and Noble, basically because my teen students have been telling me how great it is, and after a student recommendation is what started me on my Twilight addiction, I pretty much read anything they tell me to now! I read the first book in the trilogy in one day -yes, it was that good! Here is the most simplistic summary of the book I can give you, because there is too much going on to make it short and sweet!
Ivy has lived a hard life in her short seventeen years, and only her unshakable faith in Angels has helped her survive and make it through a rough childhood. Her father dies when she is a little girl and her mother dates a slew of men (some of which were VERY unkind to Ivy and her little brother, Phillip). Her mother finally marries the man she'd been having an affair with, but Ivy and her brother are not excited to move in to their new step-father's mansion. Ivy is also apprehensive about living in the same house as Gregory, her cold and calculating step brother, who also happens to be in the same grade as Ivy.
Things seem to be looking up for Ivy, when she meets and falls for Tristan, the attractive and athletic school jock. Tristan and Ivy seem to be made for each other, and fall hopelessly in love. A tragic accident takes the life of Tristan and leaves Ivy alone, depressed an miserable, but Tristan finds a way back to her guardian angel! Tristan must now figure out his mission on earth, and decipher the reality behind his sudden, and seemingly accidental death. Can he get through to Ivy, and prove to her that he's still with her? Can Ivy overcome her anger at the universe for taking away her beloved Tristan? What is the motive behind Gregory's odd and friendly behavior towards Ivy?
This book is a pleasant combination of the movie Ghost and the HBO show, Dead Like Me. I found it extremely interesting and easy to follow, but at the same time complex and thought-provoking. I love the premise of a relationship transcending the boundaries of heaven and earth. I'm eager to start the second book, The Power of Love.

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