Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Swim Suit Season (a.k.a My Personal Hell) is Around the Corner

I remember the good ole' days of eating like a pig, and then having my high school coaches work me like a borrowed mule to burn off all of those donuts and cokes. Today, I would have to pay someone to yell at me to workout (personal trainer), but I can't afford the cost! I bought this book two summers ago by a guy named Harley Pasternak called The Five Factor Diet. For three weeks before leaving on our trip to Vegas that year, I followed it religiously and saw awesome results. Yes, I know, three weeks isn't much time, but it was crazy how quickly my body responded. My lazy butt dug out of my book cabinet yesterday and I've decided to give it a go again. The book's workout plan is short, intense, and very easy to do in your own home. I bought three sets of dumbells at 10lbs, 15lbs, and 20lbs and a big excercise ball, and that is all I need to complete the daily workouts. Check it out, if you too are needing to downsize for swimsuit weather!

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