Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Actual New Moon Pics! Yippee!

I love looking at this stuff. I know that I'm obsessed, but if you would read the dang books you would understand why we like to talk about it so much. I don't care if you rented the Twilight movie and thought it wasn't a big deal. IT IS NOT THE SAME AS THE BOOK. The book is amazing. The movie is, eh, okay, but I devour it because I love what it represents. I watch it over and over because it takes me back to what I love about the book. Go buy it, borrow it, steal it....but freakin' read it! Read it past chapter 5 before you decide you "can't get into it." The other three will quickly follow, and you can join our psycho club and wonder why you waited so long! Okay, I'm stepping off of my sparkly Twilight soap box. Check out the production pictures from New Moon. I wonder what scene they are filming???

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