Saturday, November 21, 2009

Miley Cyrus is an Idiot and Here's a Great Review of New Moon

There are lots of haters out there when it comes to the Twilight Saga. I'm not sure why they are so prevalent **cough, cough, Miley Cyrus, cough, cough* but I have theory about Twilight bashers. (Btw, Miley, you are a dumb ass for slamming Twilight because nearly 100% of your fans fall into the Twilight fan base age range. Moron. You probably don't even know how to read, so I'm sure that's why you do not like the books. It would require more effort to objectively judge them than would, say, shopping or smacking your gum while "thankin' God and Jesus" for making you a huge celebrity.) Click on this article: Miley Cyrus Bashes Twilight - Wont' Be Seeing New Moon for more info on what I'm talking about. She's a douche.

Like anything that is popular among the masses, there are always those "rebels" who claim to hate anything that the rest of us like because they like to tick us off. Remember that kid on the playground when you were younger, and it was FREEZING outside, and that dip-stick kid would claim that is "wasn't cold" and insist on not wearing his/her jacket to prove to the rest of us that we were stupid? I'm sure that kid is now an adult that claims the Twilight Sage is "stupid", when I bet that jacka@&* has never even read the books. That is the same kind of guy who usually works as a movie review critic.

Very, very RARELY do I agree with a movie critic. Some of my favorite movies are constantly slammed by cinematic "experts", and many of my favorite books are not considered literary greats. Usually movies that are critical "darlings" are boring and suck or are so depressing, you can't get through them. After reading several reviews of New Moon, I'm PISSED. They keep saying things like "if you're not a fan of the books" you won't like New Moon, or New Moon moves too slowly for non-readers of the series. Then read the FREAKIN' SERIES and quit your whining. Same with Harry Potter films, READ THE BOOK if you think the movie is confusing or doesn't explain everything the way you think it should. Chris Weitz has been quoted several times, stating that he made this movie for fans of the book. READ THE BOOKS, PEOPLE, then we might actually care about your opinion of the movie.

If you want to read a review that is objective and honest, check out Lisa Schwarzbaum's review of New Moon.


  1. AMEN!!!!!!!! I sleep better at night knowing that even though Miley is an over privileged idiot, she has a grill like a bulldog.

  2. you are totally right Miley Cyrus is a big stupid. she doesn´t know how to read, how to speak and above all how to sing.
    Go Twilight