Monday, November 16, 2009

If You Haven't Been Watching The Vampire Diaries...

you really need to start! I really think the TV Series is doing a great job and actually improving on L.J. Smith's creation. Episode 9 was creepy-licious, and I made the mistake of watching by myself...ghost Emily about made me crap my pants a few times. Yikes! I'm hoping episode 10 is as enticiing as it's preview, and I'm pumped about the "new" history teacher...did anyone else recognize him from Blue Crush? He was Kate Bosworth's hot NFL quarterback BF in the film...any-whooo, I can't wait to see what element of hotness he brings to the show. Damon and Stefan are pretty sigh-worthy, but it never hurts to add more eye-candy to the mix! Here's a quick look at the episode I'm referring to, Episode 9 from last week:

Don't forget that you can catch up on episodes at or here:

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