Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon Premiere - AWESOMENESS!

We saw the 9:00 showing of Twilight, and were ready and eager for New Moon to begin!

WOW! I expected greatness and wasn't disappointed. Chris Weitz, you made a beautiful movie that was true to the book and even (dare I say) exceeded the novel's imagery as a whole. The colors, the effects, the music, the acting, were all phenomenal! New Moon kicked Twilight's butt and then came back for a second jack-slap! New Moon was a HOME RUN, and I really wish Weitz would sign on for Breaking Dawn. Batter up, David Slade!

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  1. I completely agree-New Moon was amazing! So much better than Twilight. I was impressed with how much better the acting was, and the special effects weren't cheesy, even when people wre morphing into wolves. So So Good! And how did you like that ending?!? Whew!