Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Series for 'Blue Bloods' Author

Entertainment Weekly reports:

Hyperion has signed Melissa de la Cruz — whose Blue Bloods vampire books have all been huge YA hits —to a two-book deal for an adult paranormal series. The first, The Witches of East End, will go on sale in May 2011. “It’s about a mother and two daughters who move to town and shake things up,” says de la Cruz. “There’s already a family of warlocks living there who aren’t too happy with their arrival…It’s based on old Norse mythology.” She notes that characters from Blue Bloods will show up in the books — “some in essential roles; others more tangential” and says, of her switch to adult fiction, “I’ve been writing YA books for more than a decade. Many of my fans have grown up. Now I can have more grown-up themes: One character works in a bar; another gets involved with the mayor. There are romantic entanglements that are not so innocent!”
The Blue Bloods is a series that many of my 8th grade girls have latched onto (no pun intended) and have thoroughly enjoyed. The romance factor isn't as prominent as in some teen genre books, but there's lots of action, mystery, and history! If you haven't tried The Blue Bloods books, they are quick and interesting reads during your slow holiday afternoons.

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