Thursday, November 5, 2009

If Fantasy Football is (Unfortunately) a Part of Your Life...

Everyone that knows my husband, understands that he has an obsession. He is a Fantasy Football junkie and isn't afraid to admit it. I've come to accept it, and even enjoy my Sundays of "no husband". (He's usually at Fox and the Hound for eight hours, wearing some God-awful jersey, and cheering with his buddies at the forty+ TVs they have in that place!) I do not have to hear him cursing or cheering at the TV, and he doesn't have to hear me griping because he won't move out of my way when I'm vacuuming, so it's definitely a win-win situation. He and his high school buddies have a Fantasy League that holds a big-time draft every August that requires planning, food, and all kinds of other stuff that seems too idiotic for me to type. (Any time he busts my chops about my obsession for Twilight, I just say "Fantasy Football" or "Adrian Peterson" and he shuts his gravy hole. I spend wayyyyy less time thinking about Edward Cullen than he does Adrian.) This obsession of my husbands brings me to the entire point of this post: The League on FX. The League is a sitcom inspired by dorks like my husband and his friends. It is hilarious and so amazingly accurate that I wonder if the writers have hidden cameras at Fox and the Hound. If your husband suffers from Fantasy Football madness, you may want to tune in to The League on Thursdays at 9. It is a riot and will make you wives feel less alone in the world...yes, there are other goofballs out there like your super-fly hubby!

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