Saturday, November 14, 2009

Started the FINAL Book in the Luxe Series....

I LOVE the Luxe series, and picked up a copy of the fourth and final book in Anna Godbersen's decadent series of rich New York society girls. I only started last night, but I'm pacing myself because I enjoy Godbersen's writing so much! The late 1800s is usually not a time period that most readers gravitate to, but you must give them a try! Check out the Luxe website to read more about each novel. They are very well-written and delicious novels to devour on upcoming snowy days!
11/15 - I finished the book, and it was a fantastic finale in a great series. The ending was fantastic and not predictable at all! Many readers are outraged with the ending (read a few reviews on Barnes & Noble website), but I love the fact that Godbersen stayed true to her characters and didn't end the book sappy-happy! Elizabeth, Diana, Carolina, Henry, and Penelope were all given endings that suited their characters and stayed true to the lives and personas they were given in the first three books. Even though much more detail could have been added to each characters situations in the end, I felt that Godberson did a fantastic job wrapping up The Luxe...I'm sad to see it end!

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