Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Next Twilight Saga???

My librarian keeps me in the loop on all things new and trendy in teen fiction, and she brought me the recent reviews of Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl to peruse during my conference the other day. Beautiful Creatures is receiving a lot of buzz-worthy reviews from critics and teens alike, and MANY A.R.C. readers are claiming that it has the potential to be the next Twilight saga. I purchased the book yesterday, but wanted invite the rest of you to pick it up and read it with me! My Barnes and Noble had it in stock, but only a few copies. You might check your local bookstore or library and join me in the upcoming weeks. I've heard this song and dance before, because anytime you claim a book is "the next Twilight Saga", you are bound to create interest. I'm hoping this isn't just another marketing scheme to lure in teen fans of Twilight, but I feel like I'm pretty critical of anything that claims to be worthy of Twilight acclaim. Join me in dissecting Beautiful Creatures! You know you need something to do over Thanksgiving break while everyone is napping off their big turkey dinners! (Click on the book image for a direct link to a book summary.)

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