Saturday, November 14, 2009

Oprah Enterview with Stephanie Meyer Part 1 and 2

I bet Steph's husband is happy for her random dream about vampires! Did you see her house, her pool, her awesome hair and perfectly waxed eyebrows? Edward Cullen has definitely set her up for life! I'm still amazed that the woman was able to write with three small children at home! I'm on page 54 after a year of writing my so-called-book, and I NEVER have time to sit down and work on it! This interview has definitely made me understand that you have to MAKE TIME. No matter what jealous critics may say, I think she is an amazing writer and I hope she has future novels on the horizon. Who wouldn't want to read more about Reneseme and Jacob's future together? I know I would! I also read an interview last year before Twilight's release in which Stephanie mentioned that she is exploring different realms to write about, like possibly a ghost story or the world of mermaids, but not in the sense of Ariel and King Triton. I'm interested to see if any of these ideas come to fruition in the future! Keep writing, Stephenie!

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