Sunday, December 13, 2009

A CAKEWRECK of My Very Own...

I don't consider myself a picky or high maintenance consumer. Actually, I'm more of a pushover. I once left a salon with the worst haircut known to man, near tears, and I told the chick who mutilated my hair that I liked it, just so I wouldn't hurt HER feelings. I'm a wuss about all things that involve me, but I've undergone a transformation since having my daughters and I actually take up for my kids. No, check that, I will mess a fool up for my children! I'm like a lioness, or whatever you call a big, bad mama lion. So when the United Bakery on 82nd and Frankford here in Lubbock, TX, tried to pass this craptastic cake off as what I ordered, I went ballistic! Does THIS PIECE OF CRAP look like the Emerald City to you? Our theme was the Wizard of Oz, yet this is more like the WIZARD OF BLOB. The crappy cake was free, but it didn't stop me from making a scene.
Seriously? It looks like a drunk munchkin decorated it. HORRIBLE.

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