Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Twilight Pisses People Off....

It's no secret that I regularly browse Entertainment Weekly's website and comment on the stuff I find interesting. However, I made a comment yesterday on an article that explored the novel Beautiful Creatures (I posted it on the blog here) and the article's author asked readers if we thought BC was the next Twilight. I'm copying and pasting the comments from the EW site so you can see my comment and then the aftermath of my opinion! Whoa! People are such jerks about this series. As my friend Rod said, "literature snobs" are such a-holes...note "James", "Kelsey" and "Anonymous" after my comment (Lenzi). I would like to take these book snobs and smack their dorky asses across their lemon-sucking faces. Just sayin'. They probably can't identify with teen love because they never experienced it in high school, what with their homeschooling and back acne. I need to chill out, but condescending nerds like that irritate the piss out of me!

Lenzi Mon 11/30/09 9:26 PMBeautiful Creatures is NOT the next Twilight Saga. It was okay, but not something that will spread like wildfire. The reason Twilight is so popular is because it is an enthralling read, and will leave you dopey and craving more. Beautiful Creatures did not do that for me. Lena and Ethan’s eternal love was not convincing…in fact, it seemed rather boring and way too much work. For all of the Twilight bashers, I’m not sure why such hatred and negativity exists for the series, but pull the cobb out of your butt. As a middle school reading teacher, I’m thankful for Stephenie Meyer. I have girls (and boys, too) that were not readers before being sucked into the Twilight Saga, that are now clamoring for more books. Twilight helped them figure out that reading can be fun and enjoyable. So stop raining on my middle schoolers parade!

James Mon 11/30/09 9:34 PMTwilight is crap.
Your middle schoolers should be reading something with a better plot, characters, themes, and writing.

anonymous Mon 11/30/09 10:05 PMI don’t know what the deal with English/Reading teachers thinking that gives them an edge on Twilight opinion, but if anything, that makes me think worse of your education if you think Twilight is “enthralling.” The literary equivalent of pop rocks and cola? Sure. “At least they’re reading”? Sure. “My opinion is better than yours because I teach it”? There are bad apples in every profession, dipstick, who’s to say you’re not one of them?

Sarah Mon 11/30/09 10:33 PMI don’t get why some people think that their OPINIONS are somehow “fact”. Everyone is entitled to love what they love, and hate what they hate. And I’m talking about both Twilight fans and non-Twilight fans. I’ve seen both sides act as though their opinions are “absolute truths”, which is ridiculous. They’re OPINIONS.

Kelsey Mon 11/30/09 11:47 PMI’m sorry, but isn’t it your job as a “middle-school reading teacher” to get kids interested in good literature? If you can’t make the material enticing and get your students to relate to it, then I’d say you’re probably not that great of a teacher. But hey, why get the kids to eat their veggies when it’s easier to be lazy and feed them french fries?

Jane Mon 11/30/09 9:39 PMI would hope there’s never another “twilight.”
Twilight is such an overhyped, piece of garbage.
HOWEVER, If there were a film company that would make another YA book , one that’s actually GOOD (like Harry Potter), into a movie, they could have a hit.
Or they could follow Twilight’s footsteps and promote the hell out of it until we’re all forced to succumb to the power of the teenyboppers.
I’m hoping that once the twilight movies end (2011!!),
That some new amazing YA Books will hit it big, and ones that actually deserve the praise.
Twilight just milks off of shirtless men and cheesy merchandise.

Click here to read the rest of the article and the comments. It is crazy how many people are out there that blatantly hate something that is doing a lot of good for my teen readers (and even for people who have been out of their teens for quite sometime)! I know many of my friends have started reading again because Stephenie Meyer showed them they can enjoy a book. I have literally HUNDREDS of students who regularly read because of Meyer's series. As for "Kelsey", who suggests I should be teaching them quality literature, has she ever tried to make a room full of hormonal 8th graders read Charles Dickens or Jane Austen??? Child, PLEASE! "JAMES", "ANONYMOUS" and "KELSEY" can suck a big, sparkly fat one!


  1. I completely agree with you Lenzi. That's fine that some people don't enjoy Twiligh (what they're thinking though, I'll never know!). But to start bashing someone and their profession because they like Twilight and teach it? I cannot believe people would be so rude! And, I have to ask...Had you been reading Twitarded posts before you wrote your's?? You sound pretty Snarky!! HaHa!

  2. I think the Twitards are DEFINITELY rubbing off on me. I love how they blatantly use foul language. I'm not too good at that. I guess having to keep a permanent filter on my mouth bc of teaching and parenting has made me rusty in that line of comedic writing! Commentators on EW are very harsh. I seriously think people troll blogs looking for Twilight posts just so they can leave shitty remarks. Here's too being SNARKY!!! ;)

  3. its amazing what people say when they can hide behind a computer. I had tons of kids (boys and girls) reading because of the Twilight series. Also, I got several adults to reading them when they hadn't read for pleasure in years. This was before the Twilight series exploded. I just don't get all the hate Twilight gets. Sure, it's not the most well written book ever, but it sucked me into the story. That's what I look for in a book.

    I loved Beautiful Creatures, but it's not the next Twilight. I have an idea- let's quit comparing everything to Twilight...