Thursday, December 3, 2009

FORKS, Washington - 1000% Increase in Tourism...Ya Think Edward Has a Part in This?

Um, I'm a little hesitant to admit around my husband that I would rather take a vacation to Forks, Washington, than to say, a beach some where. Silly, I know, but apparently, I'm not the only Twilight fan that wants to see the town where Bella and Edward's love blossomed under " a near constant cover of clouds" and rain. The UK Mail reports:

Forks, in Washington, is the setting for a story about the romance between vampire Edward Cullen - played by British actor Robert Pattinson - and Bella Swan - acted by Kristen Stewart.

The movies - based on a series of books by U.S. author Stephanie Meyer - have captured the collective imagination of film goers around the world, sending them to Forks in search of the reality behind the fiction.

There were more visitors during June and July than in the whole of 2008 - unsurprising as Twilight fans can fully immerse themselves in the town's association with the film's characters.
They can visit Bella's school, Dr Cullen's hospital, the police station and have their picture taken with the Forks sign.

Local shops sell 'Bella Burgers' and a Twilight-themed restaurant is set to open.
The coastal town of Port Angeles is where Bella and Edward enjoyed their first date at Bella Italia, fans can eat mushroom ravioli and drink a glass of blood-red 'Twilight wine', produced at a local winery.
There is also the opportunity to visit the Quileute Indian Reserve, home to Jacob.

At La Push, visitors can experience traditional Native American culture, listening to stories and taking part in activities which include drumming classes.

Forks has even created a Stephanie Meyer Day in honour of the author, which falls on the date of Bella’s birthday - September 12.

Tourists are not only attracted by the Twilight link - the Olympic Peninsula region is sandwiched between the Olympic mountains and Pacific Ocean.

It is an area of natural beauty, boasting saltwater shores, alpine meadows and lush valleys.
The peninsula is also home to the temperate Hoh Rainforest and thrill seekers can kayak or raft on the River Hoh.

I want to go! Who wants a Bella Burger and then drive on down to the Quileute Rez? As my fellow Twihards would say, I would be "squeeee"ing all over this town! Check out the "OFFICIAL" tourism page for Forks, Washington check out the Twilight tours the town offers, and other cool places you can visit.
As Eric would say, "La's La Push," and then I (er, I mean, Bella) would say "Okay I'll go if you'll stop saying that." Can't you just hear the waves rolling in?

Dr. Carlisle Cullen works here.
The now-famous and internationally known (on the microphone) Forks High School sign. Home of the Spartans (and the Cullens).
The people of Forks have a great sense of humor. This sign is in the parking lot of the Forks Hospital.
The face of Forks High School.

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