Thursday, December 17, 2009

This Post is for Twilight Fans 18 & Up!

So we know that I'm a little kooky about Twilight, and I found my niche in the the blog Twitarded, because that is literally what I am about the series: Twitarded. It fits me so well. The gals that run the blog are witty as hell and cuss like sailors. They say all of the stuff I can't say on my blog because I review YA fiction, and guess what, that lures young adults to this sight. Oh, well, I can curse in my head all I want to, but typing it will just have to go to my friends at Twitarded.
Back to my point, I was reading their blog today (which has become a sort of indulgence for me) and commented on a recent post "Seven Deadly Sins of Twilight". If you haven't read this post by Jenny Jerkface, you need to do it...NOW! It totally described me during my Twilight-induced high after reading all of the saga books (excluding Breaking Dawn) during my Christmas break of 07'. I was a pathetic loser. It was literally like I was on drugs. All I thought about was Forks, Edward, Bella, and the Cullen clan. It made me remember all of the gooey feelings that come with first love and all that jazz. It made me want MORE! MORE! I tell you! I was also sort of depressed after finishing the books, because I didn't want my Edward Cullen experience to end. So I read them a SECOND time all within a week of finishing them. It was really *bleeping* pathetic. I experienced each and every sin mentioned in Jerface's post. All seven. Hard. As I totally diverge off of the intended path of this post, just know that I more than related to Jenny Jerface's experiences and felt compelled to leave a comment, which led me to a discovery that I shamefully admit is adding more fuel to my Twilight fire: FAN FICTION.
What is "fan fiction" you ask? Well, let me tell you that I had NO CLUE until I began reading the many posts that described how so many of Twitarded's fans have succumbed to Fan Fiction's sweet call. Fan Fiction is a website in which fans can submit their own fiction using the characters from Twilight. For example, if you wanted to know more about what happened during the honeymoon scenes of Breaking Dawn that Stephenie Meyer left to the imagination, then (lucky for you, and lucky for my lack-luster imagination) there are PLENTY of fan fiction posts that GO THERE. Oh, yes, they GO THERE AND EVERYWHERE else you can imagine. If you are ready to go down the sinful path that is fan fiction here are two resources to get you started. I'm like a vampire porn dealer now:
1. - you must create an account, and then go to Jenny Jerkface's page to see a list of her favorite posts here:
2. Once you are hooked on the temptation that is fan fiction, try this saucy story that is pretty forkin' intense. Go to, create an account and choose search, "NC-17 & Breaking Dawn" and it will take you to 'The Honeymoon'. Holy Cow, it is very DETAILED, and I am a fan of the Sookie Stackhouse books, so I didn't think any type of "vampire love" could embarass me. I was wrong. I'm thoroughly embarassed! Good luck getting out of your pjs and removing your laptop from your lust-filled face this weekend...hee, hee!

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