Sunday, December 20, 2009

Reality Show to Begin Filming in 'Twilight' Hometown

Forks, Washington is definitely on the map. If you haven't heard of this small, Washington town then you've been living under a rock. MTV reports:

"We already looked at how the franchise saved the small town from economic hardship. And documentary filmmakers recently turned their lenses on the logging community for the film "Twilight in Forks," which will be released on DVD alongside "New Moon." So it seems like the next logical step is a Forks reality show, right? Anyone?

A casting call has gone out for Forks residents (yes, you must permanently live in the town!) to try out for a proposed reality show, reports the Forks Forum."

There's no telling what the reality show will cover, but I know I would watch it. It may seem pathetic, but I'm very interested in visiting that area and would love learn more info about it! How about they host a reality show in which they plant Robert Pattinson in a remote part of the forests around Forks, and have rabid fans call upon their survival skills in their quest for RPatz? That might be too brutal and bloody for cable television!

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