Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Edward is a Stalker, Bella is a Wimp, Yadda, Yadda, Yadda!

Sheesh. New Moon opened a whole new can of worms for the Twilight Saga by calling national attention to the books and their "anti-feminist plotlines". Entertainment Weekly seems to be beating the crap out of Stephenie Meyer this week! Check out this article about Edward and Bella's love having "all the earmarks of an abusive relationship as defined by a national domestic violence group". Sheesh. Some people are taking a FANTASY FICTION book way too seriously. Teen girls are not morons (well, don't get me wrong - there are a few dipsticks in the pan, but those gals don't read, anyways). I teach them EVERYDAY, and they know more than you might think. Girls can read a book and understand that the relationship portrayed by Bella and Edward is a fantasy. Trust me, because I have so many of my female students lamenting that they "will never find a guy like Edward", and I honestly tell them that (aside from the obvious vampire characteristics) his gallant behavior is very hard to find. I don't think I'm 100% feminist in everything that I do, but I'm a college educated woman who can take care of myself without a man. However, I LIKE for my husband to take care of me, to look after me, to protect me, and to be JEALOUS of other guys possibly giving me the eye every now and again. Edward is the man that girls crave to find because he does all of those things for Bella (and then some). That doesn't mean that girls honestly believe that they will find the same qualities in a real-life boyfriend. Have you hung out with teen boys lately? It will take you all of 30 seconds to realize that they are NOT EDWARD. Teen girls know that, and it pains them! Critics, let the Twilight scrutiny go. Why can't we all bask in the sparkly glow of Edward and the yummily-cut abs of Jacob, who btw, is not built like your typical teen boy, anyhow, so he should't be considered a "teen", per sey? Didn't he and Bella agree he was 32 or something? Game on!


  1. Give me a BREAK! I can see where they are "reading in" some of these things, but to go on about it like it is a tabloid story and these people (Edward, Bella and jacob) are walking down the LA streets... well, its stupid and a waste of time! if anything, it is degrading to me that there are people out there that consider me stupid enough to even think those thoughts! As a former victim of domestic abuse and stalking, I can honestly say, I never got those thoughts or feelings from any of these books.... it was not until the people that wrote that article started stating that I, and every other girl in the world that loves Twilight, are all enabling an abuser and being fools.. well, THATS when I became angry! Thanks Lenzie! ;)

  2. Go Robyn! The stuff that the media blows out of proportion and flat-out dreams up drives me crazy. Just like you, I never saw Edward and Bella's relationship as being "abusive". In fact, in Eclipse, she purposely defies his wishes and goes to see Jacob. She does many things in the books that are not submissive, but she can't rescue herself from an army of newborn vampires, so yes, she will need rescuing from Edward. These people are so silly!