Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Today Throws a Wedding Winners

Leigh Daniels is a former two-time National Champion track star for Texas Tech University Track & Field, and is part of the winning couple for the Today Show Throws a Wedding. Their love story is very cute, and it seems like the two deserve this happy ending! Check out what the Today Show has to say about their winning pair:

Ohio-born Nick and Texas-raised Leigh first met in the same Olympic Development Program, where training was so intense that dating among athletes was strictly prohibited. They soon fell in love, and when their relationship became too apparent to deny, Nick and Leigh were promptly kicked out of the program. The lovebirds packed their bags and headed into the real world — broke, lost and scared — but together.
Five years later, the couple started competing again — but this time, for TODAY’s wedding series. When not on Rockefeller Plaza, Leigh and Nick both work as assistant track coaches at Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio.

Nothing like a forbidden romance! How adorable! Keep watching the Today Show this week and next to vote on the wedding details. The bride's gown and wedding party wear has already been decided, but you can vote on their rings today. I'm so excited for them...not that I actually KNOW them, but either way, it's so cool when someone you "know of" has been selected for such an amazing contest prize!

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