Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Week Five of Five Factor Fitness...Seeing Results!

As I've blogged in previous posts, I am a Five Factor Fitness follower, the workout plan designed by celeb trainer, Harley Pasternak. His biggest claim to fame is shaping the luscious Jessica Simpson down to her fighting weight a few years ago. If you read the tabloids at all, you will notice that she doesn't use Harley any longer! I'm on week five of Harley's program, a routine that I had previously endured two summers ago and had taken a year long hiatus from, but I'm asking myself, "Why did I ever quit?". I'm starting to see results this week. My arms are tone and firm, my butt is finally going back to where is should be, and I'm slowly seeing my stomach go back to its pre-Makenzi glory. Not to be dissuaded, I decided that if I would start noting my results, I might not quit doing the program after I have to go back to work in August. It's not like this program is too time-consuming for me....I just get lazy and would rather sleep in that extra hour than wake up at 5am to work out. Weights are the only thing (besides sprints) that change my body, and this program incorporates weights in a way that is not too hard on my already squeaky joints. (Thanks, for the squeaky joints at the ripe old age of 29, Coach Thornburg! I blame your horrendous track workouts for my cracking knees and ankles! :) So, note to self, having tone arms (that do not wave hello and goodbye simultaneously), firm legs and booty, and taut stomach are GREAT FOR MY WARDROBE. Keep it up, Lenzi (yes, I talk to myself in the third person all the time...hence, "Lenzi Likes It")! Check out Jessica's Harley transformation below if you need inspiration to begin your own Five Factor Fitness program:

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