Monday, July 20, 2009

The Colon Chronicals: Day One of Elimination Diet

Day one of anything new is difficult, especially when it requires me to forgo my coffee. So to distract myself from my coffee pot, I woke up and ran thirty minutes, did my chest flys and squats, and decided to attempt one of my yoga DVDs. I figured if I spent the morning doing excercise, I could make it to lunch time coffee-free. Yoga and I don't mesh well because my self-diagnosed ADD doesn't allow me to sit and stretch for long periods of time, and I've yet to finish any of the three yoga DVDs in the trilogy I paid almost eighty bucks for a few months ago. What can I say? I bore easily, but anyway, I attempted it and finished nearly twenty minutes of it before calling it a day. How do some of those chicks do it for hours on end? I get so light-headed (probably because I forget to breath) and BORED OUT OF MY GOURD, but yoga is supposed to help the "cleansing" process, so I decided to give it another try.
Any-who, back to the diet; the elimination diet portion of "Clean" wasn't entirely bad, because I didn't "entirely" stick to the elimination list. Donnie took me to lunch at McCallister's and I had every intention of ordering JUST A SALAD, but the potato soup was calling my name and who am I to ignore a bowl of soup? I figure that it is liquid and has a vegetable in it, so I won't beat myself up too badly for having a small cup with my garden salad, sans the ranch dressing and croutons. I won't cheat tomorrow...there...I've justified my screw up and I am moving on! Well, wait, I also had sushi tonight, which I JUST NOW read that raw fish isn't allowed, so I guess I'm two for two on screwing up the meals. Breakfast wasn't screwed up because I skipped it. Let's just forfeit Monday and start anew tomorrow. So basically, the only thing I did correctly was not drink coffee. Yea, me!

I did make a trip to the grocery store and bought the stuff to have "Seared Tuna on Hearts of Romaine" for lunch tomorrow, and "Very Berry Smoothie" stuff for breakfast. Hopefully, with a fridge full of produce and pantry full of brown rice and....well, I really can't eat much out of the pantry... I can dominate Tuesday. Another part of this process I forgot to mention is the downing of olive oil each night before you go to bed. Two tablespoons! Lord knows I can't handle a shot of anything after attempting that feat tonight. Have you ever gagged on oil? It's disgusting. The olive oil is supposed to aide in digestion, but I'm not sure what good it will do if I puke the mess up each night. I'm not looking forward to attempting that again in the near future. I also bought the recommended supplements: probiotic pills (with 15 billion organisms per dose), Garlic tablets, Oregano Oil Tablets, and my usual vitamin supplement. I think I need to get into the supplement business because the combined total for each little bottle could have bought me a nice top or a few books. I'm hoping it will be worth the dough, but if they are not effective, I have a well-seasoned stomach! Stay tuned for the results for the rest of the week...apparently I need to give myself a little pep talk before tomorrow's foray into the world of cleansing!

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  1. Eew, have fun with the garlic pills. I remember my mom making me try them in high school because of all the alleged benefits, and all it really did was make me have garlic-y burps all day. As for the oil, can you mix it with something to make it more tolerable?