Sunday, July 5, 2009

CeraVe Cream...Good Stuff!

My family has extremely sensitive skin! So sensitive, that I recently had to take my oldest daughter to the dermatologist for help with her dry skin. Everything I put on it either burned or left her with greasy dry skin (if that's actually possible). He told me to run to my local drugstore (I went to Walgreens) and buy CeraVe cream. Don't get me wrong, it costs more than the cheap lotion I usually buy at Walmart, but it has done wonders for not only my daughter, but for myself, as well. I am a product junkie and will try anything, so naturally I've been giving this product a whirl. After a bath or shower, we put the cream on and it absorbs almost instantly and will create a natural barrier on your skin after repeated use. Never before has my skin been so soft, and my daughter's skin feels like it did when she was a baby. Try it! Especially if you have problem skin and need something that is AWESOME!

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