Sunday, July 5, 2009

April & Oliver by Tess Callahan

April has issues, and much of her 27 years have been filled with chaos and turmoil. Her only saving grace was her friend, Oliver, who was focused, grounded and came from a model home. Oliver was who April ran to when her explosive home life erupted, and he was her anchor in life. Oliver, on the other hand, harbored a long-standing crush on April that he was too timid to pursue. When Oliver leaves to attend college across the country, a devastated April ends contact with him. Only the death of April's little brother reunites the two, and Oliver's new fiance also a part of this drama-filled triangle.

The phrase "sexual tension" can best be defined and illustrated throughout this novel! How many times did I mentally scream, "Go for it, Oliver!"? Even though April's rough life is heart breaking and shocking, Callahan creates a realistic portrayal of a girl trapped in a cycle of violent relationships. April's situation is authentic and believable, and Callahan never creates the cliched illusion of April being a "battered" woman. A compelling book by Tess Callahan, who will hopefully debut a second novel in the near future!

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