Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So if MSN News Tells You to Read It, Will You?

I've been telling all of my loyal blog readers (I even have a few in Denmark and the UK...hello, friends!) to READ THE HUNGER GAMES by Suzanne Collins. Even though it is considered a "teen book", trust me when I say that it is a great read for adults, too! Like Twilight, this article on MSN, an article by Martha Brockenbrough ( is predicting that The Hunger Games, and its yet-to-be released sequel, Catching Fire are the next BIG THING! Read on to learn more about what I've already been saying about this fantastic book!

By the time the "Harry Potter" movie came out, he was pretty well established as a pop culture icon. It's no surprise, then, that the movies have been hugely popular.
The "
Twilight" movie phenomenon took some people by surprise, and by "some people" I mean those poor saps who haven't figured out that teen books are often the best ones on the bookstore shelves.
(I also mean my former editor, but he's forgiven. Most 30-something men don't spend a lot of time on breathless vampire romance, not when there's "
MythBusters" and a plate of hot wings just sitting there waiting to be consumed.)
So that you do not miss out on the Next Big Thing in teen pop culture, and, indeed, so that your life has some meaning beyond your soul-crushing daily routine, I'm going to whisper two words in your ear: "Hunger Games."
Easily one of the most popular fantasy titles of 2008, it's set to hit movie theaters in 2011. More of interest today, though, is the sequel, "Catching Fire," which doesn't hit bookstores until September, but was the prize advance reader's copy to score at the recent BookExpo America, the largest book publishing event in North America.
Even editors at other houses and literary agents who represent other writers tweeted and blogged about how much they wanted to read this one particular book early.
"Catching Fire" was due to come out Sept. 8, but Scholastic, the publisher, pushed that date up to Sept. 1 so fans could devote their Labor Day weekend to the book. If you want it, reserve your copy now. Though 250,000 is a good-sized initial print run, I won't be at all surprised to see them sell out.
So why are people so excited?
For starters, it's an intensely thrilling book. Even Stephen King said, "I couldn't stop reading."
Written by Suzanne Collins, it's set in a version of North America gone horribly wrong. Citizens live in 12 districts, some rich, some poor (a 13th was annihilated by the powers that be in the capitol). Every year, each sends two teens to fight to the death in a televised spectacle called "The Hunger Games." Pretty much anything goes, and fan favorites are sent food and necessary supplies to make the competition more interesting. The winner is guaranteed a life of luxury, a sweet prize for people forced to live on bread crusts and stolen game.
The main character, a girl named Katniss Everdeen, winds up in the competition. I won't reveal any other details because it would be cruel to spoil your surprise in reading. Suffice it to say the book itself is a compelling blend of political intrigue, romance and gripping chase scenes. It's impossible to put down. The first time I read it, my in-laws were in town, and I kept sneaking out of the room to read a few pages. I'm sure I looked like someone with a bad drug habit, and, when it comes to this book, that wouldn't be an unfair accusation.
Some people have criticized the story for its resemblance to the Japanese movie "
Battle Royale." Unless you're a Japanese-cinema buff, though, this shouldn't stop you from picking up the book. It's insanely good.
So far, the people who've read "Catching Fire" have done a good job keeping the sequel's plot secret. They have leaked, though, that there are some astonishing twists. Knowing this just makes the anticipation worse.
Do yourself a favor, though. Read "The Hunger Games" this summer so you can get in on the excitement before the sequel hits. Even if your kids are too young to read about death matches, they'll be old enough someday. Don't they deserve a first edition? Come to think of it, don't you?

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