Monday, January 11, 2010

My Sore Ass Says It's a Keeper

I blogged the other day about one of my many New Year's resolutions (yes, I'm one of THOSE people), to steal Jennifer Aniston's delicious body. I do not bat for the other team, but I can appreciate another woman who has it going on, and Aniston is the #1 celeb body in my book. Aniston is a know follower of yoga and her trainer Mandy Ingber is partly responsible for Jen's enviable bod. I've done the workout three times and I'm sore in places I've never felt soreness before, but not a crippling, I-can't-sit-down-to-pee-without-crying-out-in-agony type of soreness. (Weight-lifting routines create that type of god-awful soreness for me. Ugh.) My inner thighs, abs, butt (every muscle in my gluteous maximus, thank you very much) and my arms and triceps were deliciously sore. Soreness tells me that my body is changing, and that is good because all of those tender areas NEED TO CHANGE before summer gets here. My plan is to do the workout four times a week and to do cardio every weekday in the afternoons. I've been waking up at 5:30 and it actually hasn't been too rough on me. The yoga wakes me up and I like how Mandy isn't a weird chanter and doesn't try to jazz you up, either. She's funny and very laid-back with a mantra that I don't mind chanting when I'm feeling the burn! Her person mantra that we chant during leg exercises is "I have a great ass, I have a great ass," and I'm hoping that's working! Time will tell, but my 30th is quickly approaching and I MUST get to work! Give the DVD a try if you want a challenging yoga workout, and want a booty like Jen Aniston's....that side effect is still yet to be determined!

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