Friday, January 8, 2010

Rob, Kristen, Jacob and Awkward Silences

This is an extended version of the Jimmy Kimmel Live interview with the stars of New Moon. I know it is old, but I just got around to watching it, so cut me some slack. For some reason I dread watching interviews with Kristen Stewart AND Robert Pattinson in them together. They may have chemistry on screen, but during interviews there is so much awkwardness...I feel like that time I rented The Forty Year Old Virgin, not really knowing what the movie was about, and watched it with my mother. Awkward.

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  1. I know you posted this forever ago, but I love this interview w/ all 3 of them. I think the reason Robsten is so awkward during interviews is because they are trying to hard to down-play their chemistry. It's like if they even brush up against each other or catch each other's eye for even one second, they won't be able to control themselves and start making out right there on the couch. Or maybe that's just how I want it to be ;) I love them as a couple!