Sunday, January 3, 2010

Shea Cashmere Bubble Bath...OMG!

I will make you linger in the tub for hours!
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Being a teacher, I get all kinds of sweet gifts from students for Christmas. I have a plethora of coffee mugs (6 this year), teacher ornaments (3 this year), and loads of candy and cocoa mix (too many to count). However, this year a truly awesome student of mine broke the mold. I received an assortment of Bath & Body Works goodies, and my favorite of all of them was the Shea Cashmere Bubble Bath. I've used the entire bottle in two weeks just because I love the smell and how soft it left my skin. My husband was a little worried that I was taking two or three hot baths a day (not only because I was bored, but I just wanted to smell that luscious bubbly goodness). I love the lotion, too, and trust me, I had to use it to replenish all of the moisture lost from the constant bathing, but the Bubble Bath is the bee's knees. Get it. Try it. Thank me later.

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