Thursday, January 7, 2010

Say Hello to My Little Frie-aaand!

Those of you who grew up with me and know my background will agree with me when I say that I've never been what one would consider a "spoiled little rich girl". I grew up in a trailer house for part of my adolescences for cripes sakes! However, since becoming a junior high teacher and rolling in the dough, I've moved up in the world. ;) I live in a home that doesn't have wheels, I drive a car that has never had a previous owner, and I now possess a REAL Coach handbag. Yes ladies, I own a purse that I did not purchase at Walmart, Target, or Kmart. The leather is real, the material supple and soft, and quite frankly, I'm loving this handbag almost as much as something I gave birth to (sarcasm, people) and let me tell you, it was a difficult delivery.

I lived up to my trailer park roots during the purchase of my new luxury item. The poor saleslady at Dillard's was very patient with my hillbilly-ass and didn't roll her eyes and sigh TOO much while I was swiping my three different gift cards, handing over a fifty dollar bill, and putting the remaining balance on my debit card! After enduring scathing glares from Elvira (do all Dillard's saleswomen have to spackle on so much make up?), I walked out of Dillard's as the proud owner of my very first Coach handbag.

It was a beautiful moment, but leave it to my husband to rain on my parade. He's always said that the reason he loves me so much is that I'm down-to-earth and not materialistic, so I guess my venture to the dark side annoyed him. He couldn't understand why anyone would pay so much for a purse when my Target bag "looked just like that expensive-ass bag you just bought." However, he shut his pie-hole after I told him that I would gladly return my bag and use only Target/Walmart accessories, if he would take back every dadgum, expensive golf club littering my garage and only use Walmart golf clubs from here on out! "Touche," he replied, "Touche."

The apple of my eye, the "Madison Op Art Sateen Claire"...isn't she beautiful?

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