Sunday, January 3, 2010

My New Year's Resolution - Steal Jennifer Aniston's Sick Body

What?? You think you can snap your fingers and look like this?
Dream on, suckaaaaahs!

I might sound a little nutty to say that, but it's true. Jennifer Aniston has one of the best celebrity bodies around. She's not too skinny and she's not tricked out like a Playboy bunny with a pair of ginormous boobies or super fake skin and hair. She's lean, strong, and appears to be healthy. I know she's admitted to be a smoker, but her physique is what I'm basing my jealousy on, not her lung capacity. I'm not delusional. I know that working out and eating right are what stars are PAID to do, so they take that part of their job very seriously and hire the best personal trainers and dietitians to keep them in top form. Jennifer Aniston probably has every meal perfectly measured and analyzed for optimal nutrition, while I'm lucky to find enough milk to go with my cereal each morning.
Aniston's workouts include yoga and cardio, and her good friend and favorite yoga instructor, Mandy Ingber recently released her very own Yoga DVD workout. I'm sure you know what's coming next...I ordered it yesterday. Time will tell if this is the key to whipping my lack-luster physique into shape, but I'm well aware that only a good plastic surgeon can REALLY get me into Aniston-form! I'll let you know if the DVD workout is worth the dough!

Mandy says, "Click here, dreamers, for a link to my website and DVD."

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